Purpose economy – Consumer

Purpose economy These days, we like to get satisfaction from our actions. We want to live meaningfully and contribute to a better world. We are becoming increasingly aware of major problems such as climate change, overproduction and, for example, the nitrogen crisis. By buying from pixel farmers as a consumer, you increase the experience of […]

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Buy local – Consumer

Buy local Our shopping basket is the most determining factor for the quality of the landscape and nature. As a result, biodiversity has taken a big hit. Why is it that we have lost that connection to our food so much? Farmers lack the confidence that consumers are willing to pay a fair price for […]

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Claim for subsidy – Grower

Claim for subsidy As a farmer, you face the nitrogen crisis every day that makes the future of some farms uncertain. Pixelfarming allows you to innovate your business in a sustainable way with the help of the subsidy fund. Farmers and agricultural businesses can receive agricultural subsidies. This support is part of the European Common […]

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Transition – Policymaker

Transition The nitrogen crisis continues to be pushed mainly onto the farmer’s plate. This problem is greatest for farmers around Natura 2000 areas. Farmers close to these areas are no longer sure of their future. Many of these farmers are being paid out and offered subsidies in exchange. Only a handful of farmers sign this […]

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