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Buy local

Our shopping basket is the most determining factor for the quality of the landscape and nature. As a result, biodiversity has taken a big hit. Why is it that we have lost that connection to our food so much? Farmers lack the confidence that consumers are willing to pay a fair price for sustainably produced vegetables from the region. That’s why many find it a big step to transition to sustainable food production.

City and countryside need each other. There is a growing awareness that things have to change and our movement is growing.  Support your locals’ initiatives have become more popular, especially during the corona crisis, and this has led to a renewed appreciation for the local farmer. With Pixelfarming, we can link the consumer directly to the farmer again, which leads to healthier food on our plates and more appreciation for the farmer.

This topic touches on the following SDG’s

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Sustainable Development Goals

03: Good Health and Well-being
08: Decent Work and Economic Growth
09: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
12: Responsible Consumption and Production
13: Climate Action
15: Life on Land