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Sustainable development goals

The sustainable development goals are a call for action by all countries. Pixelfarming goes hand in hand with multiple goals that are set to make the world a better place by 2030. Take goal 12: responsible consumption and production. With Pixelfarming, we only do demand-driven cultivation, no overproduction and maintain the short chain.

To achieve these goals, big changes are need to be made. Pixelfarming can be one of those changes. Build those sustainable cities and communities and make them more sustainable and self-sufficient with Pixelfarming hubs. Make sure there is zero hunger, as Pixelfarming has a higher yield than monoculture. Create partnerships between farmers, government and other cooperation’s with Pixelfarming as the unifying factor. Make those changes. Together with Pixelfarming.

This topic touches on the following SDG’s

Zero hunger SDG