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Purpose economy

The earth has been giving signals of exhaustion for a long time. Neither complaining nor idle talk will help the earth. Now is the time for a person or company to make a small change with a big impact. Start with Pixelfarming. Pixelfarming has modernized a time-honoured method of demand-driven and sustainable crop production and goes back to nature and need with this innovative approach.

Through this way of farming, we can give meaning to our food, to our meals. We can create awareness of the big changes you can make, as a consumer. Changes are not only for big companies, but also start small. With your automagic vegetable garden, you decide what to plant. This is grown in a sustainable way that does not deplete the soil and does not use pesticides or fertilizers, so we continue to provide people with healthy food without environmental impact.

This topic touches on the following SDG’s

Industry, innovation and infrastructure