Transition – Policymaker


The nitrogen crisis continues to be pushed mainly onto the farmer’s plate. This problem is greatest for farmers around Natura 2000 areas. Farmers close to these areas are no longer sure of their future. Many of these farmers are being paid out and offered subsidies in exchange. Only a handful of farmers sign this agreement. But it can also be done differently.

Instead of bribing farmers, the government can use the available 500 million euros to help farmers transition to a sustainable alternative form of cultivation, Pixelfarming. With this, existing hectares can be used to grow healthy vegetables in a healthy soil and thus create a beautiful biodiverse natural landscape. We can help farmers to make their land more profitable and more biodiverse, with higher yields. We do not want to use the subsidy pot to buy out the farmer, but to invest in farms of the future. Farms that contribute to a better world with a biodiverse landscape.

This topic touches on the following SDG’s

Sustainable Development Goals

03: Good Health and Well-being
08: Decent Work and Economic Growth
09: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
12: Responsible Consumption and Production
13: Climate Action
15: Life on Land