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Convenience and experience

With Pixelfarming, healthy and sustainable eating is becoming easier! By giving each pixel in itself the attention it needs, we can grow more and more efficiently. This way, you can see the greatness of each small seed and have a continuous connection with the healthy growth into something big in a literal and figurative sense. Respect for the soil and the earth. That tastes good! We can offer you healthy, delicious vegetables every season, with a story.

‘I get a weekly overview of what can be harvested that I can easily adjust my menu to. This allows me to cook with the seasons. The combination of images of the garden and the freshly harvested, tasty products make the process transparent and reliable. The method of delivery is always negotiable. I am surprised by the pure flavours and edible flowers from our garden. They turn every dish into a feast.’ –  Ronald van Meggelen, restaurant Broeder, food professional.

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