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Cultivation and maintenance with Robot One

Robot One, an advanced agricultural robot that can become the new asset for your farm! This robot is designed to control plants and weeds autonomously, without the use of pesticides, using vision and various tools for specific crop treatment. Robot One is electrically powered and recharges its batteries using solar panels. No use of fossil fuels and a longer range.

Manual weed control is expensive and the use of chemicals has a negative effect on the quality of our soil. Robot One is designed to control weeds without the use of pesticides. The ten robot arms can be individually adjusted in width and height with advanced tools, allowing them to remove and track weeds in great detail.

We are becoming increasingly aware of the depletion of the earth, yet taking action is often perceived as difficult or impossible. As an innovative agricultural company, we try to make the step towards sustainability easier for producers, but also for consumers.

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