Project TOG

TOG bonenproef: klein bonen plantje


Together with Stichting Teelt Overleg Groenten, we are looking for solution to grow crops without the use of chemicals. In 2021, we started a test field with green beans, cared for by Robot One.

In mainstream cultivation, the beans grow too fast to test weed control in the early stages of growth. Therefore, we decided to build 3 test fields at the Campus in Almkerk, where we can still test image recognition and hoeing strategies for the base in order to grow without chemicals.

In 2014, the TOG foundation was established for and by growers and processors of industrial vegetables. The foundation serves as a platform where important information can be obtained and provides the opportunity to share new information with colleagues and advisors.

The TOG works on solutions for industrial processors and vegetable growers in order to guarantee quality, quantity, continuity and security of supply in the most sustainable way possible. This takes into account cultivation aspects and aspects related to the harvesting, processing and marketing of the products.

Many problems for which heavy chemicals are being used, can be solved with natural solutions.

Based on research of The University of Wageningen

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