Why soil is amazing

Why soil is amazing Soil is under appreciated. But it’s vital in so many ways. In this YouTube video, there’s a look at the importance of soil and why soil matters so much. This video was made by BBC Ideas, in partnership with The Royal Society. Animation by Flock London. The aim on BBC Ideas […]

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Nitrogen fixers vs fertilizer

Nitrogen fixers vs fertilizer Nitrogen-fixing bacteria live in the soil and form symbiotic relationships with plants. These bacteria are able to convert atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia (NH3), which can be absorbed by the plant. The most common type of nitrogen-fixing bacteria is Rhizobia, which form nodules on the roots of legumes like peas, beans, and […]

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Organic versus non-organic

Organic versus non-organic The paper from Agricology showcases the results of Newcastle University’s research showing that organic fresh produce is nutritionally different from non-organic produce. Special features of this research, key findings and the significance of the evidence for consumers are discussed. Related How is organic food grown?Contribution of Organically Grown Crops to Human Health […]

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The consiousness of fungi

The consiousness of fungi Fungi and the human brain are increasingly being compared. It appears from several new experiments that fungi are conscious operating organisms.  They can make decisions, have self-learning abilities and short-term memory, writes the scientific journal Psyche. Related New theories expand cognition to fungi Downloads […]

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