The benefits of Pixelfarming (old)

One small pixel for man, one giant leap for a sustainable world.

Imagine there’s no food waste anymore. Imagine that we don’t need pesticides or herbicides to grow our vegetables.

With Pixelfarming this is within reach. Wether you are a future farmer, a food or education professional, you can easily take your first step by joining the movement and become a Pixelfarmer.

The Benefits

By smartly planting crops together we can increase biodiversity, suppress weeds, improve plant health and soil fertility

Carefully monitored and nurtured during growth

Minimal waste by only producing food ondemand

a growing community

Our aim is grow fresh and nutritious food from a healthy soil, with little to no environmental impact.




Growing acres

10,5 M

Growing Pixels

The movement

Your Automagic Garden

Lease-Your-Pixel is a demand-driven and innovative concept where you grow and experience the crops you like and need. They grow based on Pixelfarming, this way we don’t burden the soil more than necessary and we make the world a healthier place.

Smart Biology Course

Broeder restaurant

Urban Farmers Oosterwold

Together we grow faster

Join our mission to grow. In order to have less impact on the soil and the environment, we need a new way to grow our food: Pixelfarming. With Pixelfarming there is no need for pesticides. You eat fresher, better tasting and healthier food.

Do your part. Small steps make big changes. Join the movement.